Thursday, May 31, 2012

flip out!

Today I am a student, which was a happy surprise... Last week I was asked to get a half day sub and spend my afternoon going to an iPad training. I have had my iPad for almost a year now, use it everyday in my class, and consider myself to have somewhat of a tech-savvy brain, and they wanted ME to go to a training? huh? I just kept thinking "what will they show me? How to turn it on?" I guess you could call me a skeptic.

So, I passed over my dinosaur craft to my substitute today and joined the other teachers. Yes, the training did cover all the basics which left me time to check my social media and catch up on emails, but then it took a turn for the better. Within the last fifteen minutes she started to introduce some apps to use within the classroom. Before she covered the apps I have already seen and played with a hundred times she mentioned this app called Flipboard. It took her a whole five seconds to get me complete distracted and on the path of finding my new addiction.

Maybe you are more hip than I and already have this app (if so shame on you for not sharing!) but if not you NEED to check it out. It is a free download that opens up every door possible. Maybe you are thinking to yourself now "well, I do not really want another app, and social media.. psh.. I already have more than I need in that area." Well I want to interrupt your thought and say I had the same, but this is worth it. It's fun to flip through (literally) and it is super easy to get started.

Ok details: Flipboard is an app that creates a personal magazine for your enjoyment. Whatever you are interested is placed in your fingertips, and whatever you do not care about vanishes before you knew it was an option. The fun whimsical interface laces pictures, articles, blogs, videos, and more with your other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). I am talking Facebook newsfeed, cupcake recipes, coffee humor, newest fashion craze, Etsy finds, everything. Seriously who would not like their own magazine that is centered around their life, interests, and everyone they care about? Go to the app store now. Go! It is so worth the price of the addiction. 

Screen shot of my Flipboard main heading page. I took the photo but let's credit Flipboard, Inc. too.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

smooth move

Today I am a smoothier smoothiera smoothierista... whatever you call the maker of smoothies. I can tell what kind of day my husband has had when as soon as he serves dinner he asks for dessert. Have I mentioned my husband's weird tastes? If not: he is gluten-free and not a sweet toothed guy in the least bit, weird right?! So if he is asking for dessert we know it has been a day.

Of course when some one asks my favorite question of "what is for dessert" my mind wonders to cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting, layers of love brownies, homemade peanut butter cup ice cream... But when my husband asks, he only means one thing- a smoothie. So today I busted out our blender and made one killer smoothie. 

I would try to post the recipe here so you could all recover from not so good days, but one thing I am not good at is making up recipes. If you need verification ask a friend of mine that recently asked for my mashed potato recipe. It went something like potatoes, salt, pepper, garlic, butter, smush and serve. So, for lack of better words here is my ingredient list. Please enjoy a smoothie tonight- it is good for the soul.

First, an over zealous amount of fresh raspberries and some vanilla yogurt

Top it off with frozen strawberries and frozen cherries

Oh, and a healthy splash of orange juice

And to make it really a dessert some wonderful chocolate chips

Hint: the best part of smoothie making is just throw in a blender everything you like to eat. We try to always switch things up by adding blueberries, peaches, or pineapple juice. The other day we got really adventurous and made a coffee ice cream smoothie and a peanut butter and jelly smoothie. If you are crazy you could enjoy a green smoothie with my mom...

Extra hint: they taste really good when shared with a friend. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

mr. right and mrs. always right

Today I am a sappy "hers." It all started when I looked up this morning and noticed we have turned into the modern day his and her couple.

All we were missing was our his and hers cats in this picture...

Yes, his new iPad is cool, but our mugs we had created for our wedding is what inspired my new addiction. I just love looking at all the different variations there are now days to this classic his and her idea. I know it has made it big time in the wedding industry, but I just adore the idea of having it continue on to our everyday lives.

Just in case the coffee mugs and iPads do not sell you on this, I have rounded up some of my favorites from my new obsession. And these are just from Etsy; imagine what else is waiting for me to find!

The Word Shop on
Baby Puppy Designs on
Texas Girl Designs on
Sketch an Detch on
Simply French Market on
Shelby Lee and Company on
Peace Love and Roses on
I know it is not "his and hers" but it was too cute to leave out!  Merri Weather Council on

For my apple lover... Modern Elements on

"What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine." <3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

water volcano

Today I am a painter, because I am trying to eat healthier. For those that do not know: I am an avid baker. But for some reason I have hit a point where I cannot find a reason to bake (or really just an excuse)! Also, I am trying to get geared up for wedding season and I do not want to be eating everything I bake all by my lonesome. So, I have taken up water coloring the past week. Water is healthy, right?

I should also note, about two weeks ago my husband dug up my old art bag for creative ideas to steal. He might have found inspiration for his fifth graders, but I found my baking supplement for the time being. Looking through my old artwork made me want to create something new. The next problem was what was going to be the "something new." Thankfully I live in a place filled with nature's wonders and just a thing as simple as driving into town sparked my newest painting. There is just something magical about the blue sky and the green redwood trees. I started to paint. As I laid down my first layer my sister asked me if it was a volcano spewing water instead of lava. Somehow I carried on despite my lack of execution and the fact that my cat was standing in my paint.

The picture is still a work in progress so, just a sneak peak for now. But, to round outthis post I will include my art inspiration from my previous days of pretending to be an artist.

Water volcano as she calls it.. more like road to blue skies
Picture was taken in Ithaca, NY and I later water colored it

The project was draw three things that represent important parts of you.

The project was draw the same thing three times, each in a different manner.

Stamps I drew and carved

Friday, May 18, 2012

eraser marks and sharpie finishes

Today I am graphic designer. The creativity bug struck me this week as I spent my evenings thinking of sayings that could appear on note cards and simple stationary. I am not quite sure where this bite came from... could be the thousand crafts my class did this week, or just the lack of painting I have been doing in my life for the last year, or my fascination with wanting to sell crafty things on Etsy... Either way, something bit, and now my boring paper is filled. 

You have to look pass my eraser marks, blurry iPhone pictures,  and the fact that I have no real idea what I am doing, and just focus on the fun doodles that came from my brain this week... Enjoy.

The "steam" wording says "Let's celebrate the end of the year with a great cup of coffee"

Please let this inspire you to jazz up boring white paper, but please do not steal.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

from one biome to the next

Today I am a hiker, but all nature did was remind me of the path I took to get to this place.

About five years ago I was out in the desert hiking with my brother and pulling my mother along. As we approached the oasis, my tuckered out, exhausted mother turns to me and says, "I'm going to take the Serra Nevada hiking class." I about died inside, but on the outside encouraged my mother along. If you know my mother you know she always is cooking up the craziest ideas, but what is even crazier is she always ALWAYS succeeds. I get my tenacious spirit from her. And yes, I am lucky to have this powerhouse as my permanent example of how to live life. In case you were wondering, we did make it out of the desert, but the joke of her joining this club was not going to end anytime soon. 

the hike circa 2007

Here I am now, staring down these enormous trees as I frolic in the wilderness thinking of how much life has changed since that memory. My mom not only joined the class, she met the most AMAZING man and they have been my favorite couple for the last four years. ..Oh, and she has turned into quite the wilderness woman hiking mountains like Mt. Whitney, kayaking in the San Diego Bay, and sailing around Canada...

I too started dating (and married) my want-to-be wilderness man. He just loves being outdoors and is too excited to play. (Insert puppy comment here). But, I think I finally met his hyperactive nature adventurous counterpart- his sister. As we hiked they climbed, slashed sticks, and made quite a ruckus, and I was happy to enjoy every minute of it. 

the hike circa today