Friday, January 3, 2014

preparing for the worst, knowing the best is yet to come!

Today I am an OCD planner. No, I am not preparing for a zombie attack or the end of the world second anniversary... it is something much larger and needing much more preparation. I am preparing for weddings!

In the past couple of years it feels as though I cannot check Facebook without another wonderful announcement of an engagement. I just am addicted to seeing the excitement and love surrounding these announcements and events. However, I know that some people think of weddings as huge balls of stress. As long as you keep the focus on the couple, let their love shine, and you have a well prepared bridesmaid, nothing can go wrong!

I have been lucky enough to have been chosen by two of my very best friends to be a bridesmaid in their weddings. Even though the day has come and gone I still feel honored that I was able to stand next to them on one of the biggest days of their lives. Aren't they just stunning!?!

One gift I was able to give to my brides was to be prepared in case of any emergency. I wanted nothing to go wrong on my watch! I scoured the Internet, thought about my own experience, and wandered the aisles of grocery stores until I knew I had everything an emergency kit could need. Since being in these weddings I have been asked by other friends who are preparing for their own wedding or a friend's wedding as to what exactly my Mary Poppins emergency bag included. So, with the holiday engagement season and wedding season approaching I thought I would spill the bag details to those out in the social media world preparing for their own zombie attack wedding. 

Here is the bag and its contents all in one shot. I purchased a tote that was large enough to hold all of these items. You can find cute totes in make-up sections at larger stores, however you tend to get a better deal looking in the purse/ bag section. I tried to organize the items into zip lock bags to make it easier to find things when digging in the larger tote. I also kept a few extra zip lock bags in the tote. Three things that are not pictured are water bottles, candy and snacks (granola bars, apples, trail mix, and other snack foods). Things that you should note that are in this larger overview and are not documented below are: nylons, socks, straws, pens, sharpie markers, scissors, nail clippers, cash, my cell phone, and feminine hygiene products. Other good items to include are paper, note cards (for the speech), gas-x, tums, earring backs, matches/ lighter, vendor list and phone numbers, crochet hook for wedding dresses with button backs, and a picture of the groom. I also had my hair dryer, straightener, and make-up on hand that are not pictured. I carried the Kleenex and the bride's lip gloss on me throughout the event. As well as the cash mentioned above.

Mouthwash, hand sanitizer, body spray, static guard, baby powder, deodorant, clear nail polish, polish remover, shaving gel. You can also include nail polish that matches the color the bridesmaids will be wearing to help with day of chips.

Band-aids (regular and blister), Pepto, Visine, Neosporin, Cortizone 10, allergy medicine, pain reliver, and migraine medicine. I also had a small first aid kit that included sting wipes and other items to help with cuts. This was also where I had tums, gas-x, those kinds of things mentioned above.

Combs, hair brush, bobby pins, tweezers, chapstick, make-up remover wipes, facial cleansing wipes, hair keepers, razors, nail files, toothbrush and paste, and floss. You can also buy those clear plastic hair keepers.
Sunscreen (both for the face and spray for the body), bug repellent spray, burn relief spray, and aloe. Basically my emergency section thank you fair skin and red hair...

Emergen-C (or Airborne), gum, mints, cough drops, and throat lozenges.

Lint roller, sewing kit, duck tape, Krazy glue, tide to go pen, scotch tape, and safety pins. White chalk should also be included as that works stain wonders! You cannot see my lip gloss spill on my wedding dress in any of my pictures thanks to that chalk, phew!

Kleenex, cotton balls, and cotton swabs

I hope that this list is helpful for those blushing brides-to-be and their beautiful bridesmaids. I hope that you are prepared for the worst, but I truly hope that none of these items are needed on the big day. My mom was cute for my wedding and created a bag for the boys as well as baskets for the guest bathrooms. Apparently I get my planning side from my mother.

Oh, and if you have something that you have included in your emergency bags that I have overlooked, please share in the comments!

Enjoy that big day and eat an extra slice of cake for me!