Thursday, May 31, 2012

flip out!

Today I am a student, which was a happy surprise... Last week I was asked to get a half day sub and spend my afternoon going to an iPad training. I have had my iPad for almost a year now, use it everyday in my class, and consider myself to have somewhat of a tech-savvy brain, and they wanted ME to go to a training? huh? I just kept thinking "what will they show me? How to turn it on?" I guess you could call me a skeptic.

So, I passed over my dinosaur craft to my substitute today and joined the other teachers. Yes, the training did cover all the basics which left me time to check my social media and catch up on emails, but then it took a turn for the better. Within the last fifteen minutes she started to introduce some apps to use within the classroom. Before she covered the apps I have already seen and played with a hundred times she mentioned this app called Flipboard. It took her a whole five seconds to get me complete distracted and on the path of finding my new addiction.

Maybe you are more hip than I and already have this app (if so shame on you for not sharing!) but if not you NEED to check it out. It is a free download that opens up every door possible. Maybe you are thinking to yourself now "well, I do not really want another app, and social media.. psh.. I already have more than I need in that area." Well I want to interrupt your thought and say I had the same, but this is worth it. It's fun to flip through (literally) and it is super easy to get started.

Ok details: Flipboard is an app that creates a personal magazine for your enjoyment. Whatever you are interested is placed in your fingertips, and whatever you do not care about vanishes before you knew it was an option. The fun whimsical interface laces pictures, articles, blogs, videos, and more with your other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). I am talking Facebook newsfeed, cupcake recipes, coffee humor, newest fashion craze, Etsy finds, everything. Seriously who would not like their own magazine that is centered around their life, interests, and everyone they care about? Go to the app store now. Go! It is so worth the price of the addiction. 

Screen shot of my Flipboard main heading page. I took the photo but let's credit Flipboard, Inc. too.

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