Tuesday, May 22, 2012

water volcano

Today I am a painter, because I am trying to eat healthier. For those that do not know: I am an avid baker. But for some reason I have hit a point where I cannot find a reason to bake (or really just an excuse)! Also, I am trying to get geared up for wedding season and I do not want to be eating everything I bake all by my lonesome. So, I have taken up water coloring the past week. Water is healthy, right?

I should also note, about two weeks ago my husband dug up my old art bag for creative ideas to steal. He might have found inspiration for his fifth graders, but I found my baking supplement for the time being. Looking through my old artwork made me want to create something new. The next problem was what was going to be the "something new." Thankfully I live in a place filled with nature's wonders and just a thing as simple as driving into town sparked my newest painting. There is just something magical about the blue sky and the green redwood trees. I started to paint. As I laid down my first layer my sister asked me if it was a volcano spewing water instead of lava. Somehow I carried on despite my lack of execution and the fact that my cat was standing in my paint.

The picture is still a work in progress so, just a sneak peak for now. But, to round outthis post I will include my art inspiration from my previous days of pretending to be an artist.

Water volcano as she calls it.. more like road to blue skies
Picture was taken in Ithaca, NY and I later water colored it

The project was draw three things that represent important parts of you.

The project was draw the same thing three times, each in a different manner.

Stamps I drew and carved

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