Sunday, October 21, 2012

pinterest inspired

Today I am a procrastinating diy adventurer. I have my prep working sitting in nice organized piles. "Grade me!" "Color and cut me out to make puppets!" "Tear my pages out." I hear my work yelling to get moving. My husband has so much motivation he has cleaned and organized both the kitchen and our office, plus completed his school work for the weekend. And what have I accomplished today? Nice guess, no not my prep work... my art projects I have been neglecting since the summer! Yay!

Now with those accomplished I am moving on to my next task. Nice guess again, no not my prep work... sharing my creative diy adventure with you!

My first project is another art piece for our guest room. It has a purple and green color scheme and already is the home space for my paint chip dream sign (blogged here). Now I have added a new canvas sign.

be spontaneous, care deeply, create happiness, give love, enjoy the little things
The inspiration came from a few different pieces I had seen on Pinterest. I took a blank canvas and covered it with a thousand shades of my colors in a random pattern. I than stuck the stickers down for my favorite saying. Next, I tried to create the words with both white glue and hot glue, but with no luck I turned to puffy paints. I had success there and could move on to painting everything black. Once the paint dried I peeled off the stickers and ta-da! I thought about doing all the words with stickers, but my husband liked the more modern feeling of a unified color scheme and I liked using my own fonts verses choosing a sticker set.

Second project was yarn covered letters. A very LONG time ago I saw this idea from an old friend (You need to check out her blog! Do it!). I just fell in love with the letters and set out to do it myself.

We hunted down letters all over the state of California and finally agreed upon the most impossible to cover letters. Thanks hunny. Easily picked out our yarn, and a few months later I had one letter done. This weekend I finally finished our initials to create this piece. We are still working on compromising about a frame, and by compromise I mean convince him my choice is the correct choice. Currently he enjoys his pencil frame you can see in the picture.

Third and final project of the weekend is our love letter box. I found the idea on Pinterest to write each other a letter on your anniversary each year and place it in the box without reading the other persons letter. We are going to open and read the letters on a milestone anniversary, like our 25th.

I found a small sweet box and designed it to match our wedding stationary and our custom throw pillows. I burned the design into the box first and than covered with a gray paint to match our gray and white room. I am excited to have these keepsakes as we continue in our love story.

I hope you find something that inspires you so much you push your to-do list aside and have your own creative diy adventure day. Off to procrastinate some more!