Monday, May 28, 2012

mr. right and mrs. always right

Today I am a sappy "hers." It all started when I looked up this morning and noticed we have turned into the modern day his and her couple.

All we were missing was our his and hers cats in this picture...

Yes, his new iPad is cool, but our mugs we had created for our wedding is what inspired my new addiction. I just love looking at all the different variations there are now days to this classic his and her idea. I know it has made it big time in the wedding industry, but I just adore the idea of having it continue on to our everyday lives.

Just in case the coffee mugs and iPads do not sell you on this, I have rounded up some of my favorites from my new obsession. And these are just from Etsy; imagine what else is waiting for me to find!

The Word Shop on
Baby Puppy Designs on
Texas Girl Designs on
Sketch an Detch on
Simply French Market on
Shelby Lee and Company on
Peace Love and Roses on
I know it is not "his and hers" but it was too cute to leave out!  Merri Weather Council on

For my apple lover... Modern Elements on

"What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine." <3

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