Tuesday, May 15, 2012

from one biome to the next

Today I am a hiker, but all nature did was remind me of the path I took to get to this place.

About five years ago I was out in the desert hiking with my brother and pulling my mother along. As we approached the oasis, my tuckered out, exhausted mother turns to me and says, "I'm going to take the Serra Nevada hiking class." I about died inside, but on the outside encouraged my mother along. If you know my mother you know she always is cooking up the craziest ideas, but what is even crazier is she always ALWAYS succeeds. I get my tenacious spirit from her. And yes, I am lucky to have this powerhouse as my permanent example of how to live life. In case you were wondering, we did make it out of the desert, but the joke of her joining this club was not going to end anytime soon. 

the hike circa 2007

Here I am now, staring down these enormous trees as I frolic in the wilderness thinking of how much life has changed since that memory. My mom not only joined the class, she met the most AMAZING man and they have been my favorite couple for the last four years. ..Oh, and she has turned into quite the wilderness woman hiking mountains like Mt. Whitney, kayaking in the San Diego Bay, and sailing around Canada...

I too started dating (and married) my want-to-be wilderness man. He just loves being outdoors and is too excited to play. (Insert puppy comment here). But, I think I finally met his hyperactive nature adventurous counterpart- his sister. As we hiked they climbed, slashed sticks, and made quite a ruckus, and I was happy to enjoy every minute of it. 

the hike circa today

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