a little of this

Today (and everyday) I am a wife to the most amazing man, a mother of two adorably lazy cats and one non-cat baby boy that keeps me smiling, a teacher to an enjoyable unpredictable first grade class, and blessed beyond all belief. 

thank you to the amazing kate noelle
I enjoy the little things in life: smelling flowers, going for a picnic, blasting music as I drive down the road, and counting the stars in the sky. But the things I enjoy most are those that make other people smile, wonder, and create themselves. I love to put people in a sugar comma, take pictures of things most of us take advantage of, and create something magical out of once plain boring paper.

I am hoping this blog is thus. A place for me to explore my limits in all areas art, push past those creativity blockades, and spark something even better out of some one else. I do not claim to inspire, merely make people question. 



  1. Hey Molly, really love your blog design. Did you start with a Blogger template and then added your creative touches to it - or did you start from scratch?

    1. Hey! I am glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I started with the Blogger templates and started messing with fonts and set-up. Eventually I started messing around with the coding a bit more. I hope to continue to learn more so eventually it will be 100% me, until then I am happy to have the extra support from Blogger and sites like picmonkey.com. If you have a blog address please share! I love to meet other bloggers :)