Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some call it "nesting"...

Today I am preggers. Well, I guess I have been preggers for 35 weeks now, but who is counting? I like this crazy feeling of baby bouncing around in the belly and I am not really ready to let that go, but I am BEYOND ready to find out if we are having a little girl or boy. Not knowing has created some challenges (which are heavily out weighted by how happy it makes my wonderful husband). The first was simply what color scheme do we do for the baby room. It seems as if you are not doing pink or blue you get two other choices: crazy land of too many colors or jungle. We opted for something a little more modern and a little more us....

She is 100% positive the room was created for her...

Dresser  from Ikea. Andrew repainted it to match the room better.

The books are filled with the most amazing thoughts from people that have loved Andrew and I for years. It makes me tear up with happiness.

I made the curtains (thanks to Kelly at View Along the Way), the pillows, and the crib bedding (thanks to my amazingly talented mom this summer!).
Chair and crib from Ikea... see a theme yet? We are a little bit obsessed with Ikea. (Total side note: that is the chair Andrew gave me as a birthday present as the distraction for my engagement ring which came right as I sat down on that chair for the first time).
Andrew my amazing painter not only matched the paint colors perfectly; he then proceeded to paint the whole room better than I originally imagined.
While searching for my perfect teal fabrics I found this gray print with the alphabet. It was too cute to pass up and turn into a large pillow. The cute lamb was a baby shower gift. The best part? It says the Lord's Prayer.
The letters are a mix between wood and sturdy chipboard. Each one (except for the "o" mirror) was painted and crafted by Andrew and myself.

The letters are a mix of paint, yarn, and scrapbook paper modge podged on the front.

 My favorite times in life have been when Andrew and I have worked together through every detail. I am one lucky girl to have a man that is as active in the process as I am. We planned it out, bought and built Ikea furniture, painted the room, sewed the textiles, created the letters, and added our love of children's books where ever we could. We are in love with our teal, gray, white, and purple nursery and just hope Baby Long loves it even more.

Oh, and they "helped" too...