Tuesday, August 21, 2012

paint chips and fifth grade

Today I am an amazed and proud wifey. As our busy summer is coming to a close (yay!) both my husband and I have returned to the salt mines. Which also sparks a little classroom competition we have going on: who can be more creative with their space? I have to admit currently my husband is kicking my bottom! He has taken our current addictions of chalkboards, paint chips, and children's literature to a whole new level. Don't believe me? Welp take a peek:

He has a bank of drawers and shelves that run just below his wall of windows. The white paint was looking shabby, so he used some left over chalkboard paint from our wedding and just did a swipe to give it a raw industrial feel. He has labeled items in each area helping make the classroom materials more accessible to the students.

This is paint chip mania! He has made schedule cards to use in a pocket chart so to adapt and change the schedule when needed. He also made a calendar that is laminated so he can use a dry erase marker each month to fill in important dates. His behavior chart received an upgrade with numbered paint chips for each student (side note: the number is a student's classroom number, if having a hard time in class he moves it down to the yellow pocket chart). And finally, to help him label his hand-me-down filing cabinets he attached this fun multicolored paint chips. He has also made absent folders to place papers in for students to who have missed a day and need the homework or handout; now they will not have to ask and he won't have to dig around for them.

This is my favorite paint chip idea he has had! He has students turn in homework as soon as they walk through the door each morning. To help him sort through it quicker he has decided to use these labeled tubs. Since some of the homework subjects change he decided to be a bit more creative than just simply tape the sign in the box (or leave it loose to fall in with paper shuffling). He bought these containers at the dollar store, drilled a single hole in each, and affixed laminated paint chip signs with a book ring. Now all he has to do is flip a card over until he reaches the desired subject for that day's homework.

He has also worked hard on making an inviting but mature library corner. He found great chairs and rugs to warm up the space. Oh, and yes, those are paint chip labels to help organize his library to make it more kid friendly and easier to find the "just right" book.

True to his perfectionist side he is still tinkering away in the room trying to make it just right for this years students. But if this is still the planning stages I cannot imagine the final product. Just be warned husband- I might be down, but I am not out! Here's a quick peek at the competition:

That's right, colored duct tape on upcycled soup cans, and that just the beginning!