Tuesday, May 8, 2012

scent free flowers

Today I am a florist. When Andrew and I dreamed of our wedding day we talked about themes and concepts that would reflect our life and personality. We talked about a winter coffee wedding, a backyard picnic, and finally settled on a school themed wedding. I swear telling people it was school themed and seeing their reaction was the best part of planning. 

Andrew and I met in college while earning our elementary education degree. We survived back to back years of student teaching, the second while planning our wedding. We both talked about our first teaching job, and come to find out one week after the wedding they would be at the same school. Teaching brought us together, teaching fills our days, and teaching is our current passion. It was here we just had to go full out with this wedding theme- go big or go home, right? 

We had the yellow pencils, the red apples, chalkboard signs, coffee for a toast, flipbook station for our guests, and... paper flowers everywhere. I saw the idea online and thought I could do it. I even got Andrew believing he could do it! All of the flowers, my bouquet, the boutonnieres, the center pieces, and the decorations were made from paper. I thought it was cool, my traditional mom thought I was nuts, and in the end the guests were stealing the center pieces before the night was even over.

Here are some unedited pictures of the flowers in progress...

But my cause of the post tonight is that I had a "bright" idea. Being a teacher we are fortunate to create a Mother's Day gift. And what did this teacher come up with you ask? Making paper flowers with all of the first and second graders! After finishing the glue touches and assembling 48 bouquets more I think I can officially cross florist off my possibility list! 

These are the flowers the students made. Aren't they just amazing?!

Now just to water color the vases tomorrow with the kids... here goes nothing! Happy Mother's Day from one nonflorist to another! 

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