Monday, May 7, 2012

two squeeky wheels

Today I decided to be a photographer. It all started when my husband noticed our neighbors walk a bike to the curb and then walk away as if nothing just happened. My husband, being a curious puppy, was thoroughly infatuated with this bike. He wanted to know why they would leave a bike like that out by the street. Did it belong to anyone? Was there a "free" sign on it? The questions went on and on. Me, being the straight shot, went outside, struck up conversation with our neighbors, and then walked my new bike home. 

When do I mention that the last bike I owned was pink with streamers and was given to me for finishing the second grade? Needless to say I have been wanting a new bike for a very long time.

After getting our weekend teaching stuff finished (as quickly as possible MY new bike was waiting!), I convinced my husband it was time to test out the bike. We traveled down the back roads (or the main road in this too small town), stopped everywhere for pictures, and finally ran out of day light and had to travel back home. 

I love pretending to be a photographer, but now I get to pretend to be a bike rider

The cows came for their close up.

He wanted to take them with us.


  1. Well, Miss Molly, dilly-dallier extraordinaire....these are beautiful pictures!

  2. Your new bike is B U tiful! I love your new blog - good for you!