Friday, May 11, 2012

painting this black thumb green

Today I am a gardener, well that might be too much of a stretch. Today I am not a plant killer. 

It is "The Day of the Teacher." And I was just reminded of how amazing the school I work at truly is. This week I was blessed with morning treats, a catered lunch, an afternoon off from teaching, and then gifts! I cannot believe this whole celebration. Really I think it should be day of blessings, but now I am off topic. 

I was given two flower arrangements this week. Andrew also has been working on not killing left over science experiment flowers that somehow escaped the water vs. soda testing in first grade. Now all three of these sit on our window sill as the sun sets and casts its last beautiful rays. And all I could think of was "Phew! One more day I did not kill these plants with my burnt black forever non-green thumb that has been killing plants since 1986."

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