Sunday, September 9, 2012

chicka chicka blank slate

Today I am a survivor of the first week of Kindergarten. We had a wonderful unpredicted turn out of too many kindergarteners, making the first day pretty interesting. Thankfully I have found a supportive team that has tried to combat the 54 and especially thanks to a flexible colleague, I am down to 28 (phew!). We celebrated the start of the school year with a wonderful theme of Chick Chicka Boom Boom, and so without further ado, welcome to our new room!
Coconut tree: puffed up to have a 3D feel.

Calendar wall: Theme section, math number line, months, days of the week, counting the days of school, tally the days in the month, Velcro pattern block, calendar, pocket chart for focus stories, pocket chart for jobs, and weather window visuals.

Library corner: dollar tree baskets and color coordinating zip ties, paint chip labels.
Supply Station

Activity corner: "Jobs" change monthly to grow with students. Currently I have blocks, beginner puzzles, magnetic alphabet, animal cards, lacing cards, etc.

To step back and gain an almost 360 degree view:

The word wall seems so empty, but we add to it throughout the year all together. (Teacher's corner-ish, word wall, rug area).

On the board I have found rocks that I have painted the ABCs and glued magnets on the back. (Library corner, book boxes, writing center).

The garland in the windows is punched paper that is sewn together. (Playhouse, activity corner, supply station). 

(Art center, rice table, to the right are the bathrooms).
Side note: This is a shot of the garland in process. Cute blues, purples, and greens.

I'm just so happy to be in a room this year that I could truly make my own. I am minimalistic, and very cautious to put up anything that does not serve immediate need. That being said, it does seem more bare than my usual room without student artwork. I cannot wait to get started so we can fill up our art wires and art gallery. I also have the chance this year to forgo having a teacher's desk. I like giving as much space to the students as necessary. I have a few filing cabinets and one bookshelf- what more could a girl need? As much fun as it was getting ready for the first few weeks I am already planning for my tree to change as the next set of themes appear!

By the way, we are calling the battle of the rooms a tie. All is fair in love and war.

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