Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer already?

Today I am on "time out." Summer has officially hit as of 2:00 PM yesterday and I am already at a loss as to what to do with myself. My husband and I have big traveling plans, but they do not start for what seems to be an eternity. So, until that day comes I have to figure out what to do with myself.

So far I have: cleaned house, organized ALL of my school supplies (yes even broke it up into themes), spent too much time on pinterest, and started working on projects for next year. I have even painted my clothes pins to hide the previous year's marks...

On a more productive note- I have started to compile the information I want to send home at the beginning of the year. One main component is a student contact information page. Parents will fill this out and send it back with their student so I am able to have more insight into their home life, be ready to contact parents for the good and bad a year brings, and be super ready to update their cumulative folder come end of the year. Since I have spent time spiffing up my blog (note cute share and follow buttons on the side?), I have now figured out how to share a PDF. So for your pleasure here is my rough draft. I just love the fonts and my husband has already asked for a copy for fifth grade.

Option One
Option Two 

Ok, so I figured out how to upload them online for you to download, but I have not figured out how to be fancy and display the image here first before you click the link. This just gives you the bragging rights to say "I downloaded it before it was even shown!"

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  1. Super cute Molly! Love it, very useful information to have.